Caisson Excavation

In engineering, a type of FOUNDATION most commonly used underwater for a bridge, but sometimes used in building construction. It is a large hollow structure that is sunk down through the earth by workers excavating from inside it; ultimately it becomes a permanent part of the PIER.

Sump Installation

NTA was one of the first companies to specialize installing sumps, also know as drywells. We have the capability of excavating a 7.5' +/- diameter 37' deep excavation, with our one of a kind hydraulic clam machine. NTA is able to accomplish several jobs with one machine, such as: Surgically Precise Demolition, MH Over Existing Pipe, Caisson Manholes 14-20' Diameter, and Sumps / Sed Installs.

Sump Testing

To ensure the optimum sump and storm sewer pipe performance, determine the in-place capacity of the sump downstream from the sedimentation manhole for each sump system. Testing takes place after a sump has been constructed.

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